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Hmm, I see their point but I think the celebrities motivate people to donate. Seeing a familiar face somehow brings home how dreadful the circumstances are.

Then you get them to narrate, or do a short piece to camera giving out the numbers, rather than parachuting them in somewhere to look concerned and sympathetic - not that I have any doubt that they aren't truly moved by what they see, it's just that some people are better at eloquently highlighting plights in a natural way. Sending out the likes of Ed Sheeran - not known for having much of a public persona, as such - just smacks a bit of stunt casting, as it were.
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Next time bring Ricky Gervais back for Celebrity boxing. Many many people would pay to see the self-proclaimed genius getting punched in the face.

The Sport Relief telethon has never really manged to carve an identity out for itself that the public have taken to. Clearly this year, for whatever reason, the public just wern't interested. There must be a bit of panic going on at Comic Releif this morning.
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It is important that you make your branding distinct from other programming giving it that USP Very Happy

I was asking TROGGLES, sorry - my attempt not to quote the same post on consecutive posts didn't make that clear.

Just a bit of effort to make the logo distinct would have helped.

I switched on to see two women knocking the $'!t out of each other in a boxing ring so turned off.
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A big part of the problem was the scheduling. You don't air Sport Relief opposite actual sport on one of the other main channels! Should've done it a week earlier or later.

It WAS only a Friendly mind against a side who haven't even qualified for the World Cup.
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The production was very smooth and filled with energy, somethings that last year's Comic Relief lacked in, though I suppose that boils down to the use of studio facilities rather than a club.

I’m not sure the studio audience were that into it, although to be fair, before the boxing started they were watching a couple of hours of people linking into clips.

The on the night total is down 17 million on last time. That’s quite a large drop. I had thought it hadn’t caught the publics imagination this year.

I wonder if that is more down to the recent Oxfam (and others) scandals than the night itself.

Also think all the celebrity boxing was pre-recorded.
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