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Granada North West Today
I've not seen anyone make a thread on this yet so might as well.

This Years Highlights

Zoe Ball's and Greg Jame's Hardest Road


A Question of Sport Relief

Strictly Come Dancing Sport Relief.

To Be Honest i'm looking forward to Celebrity Boxing and should be better than Celebrity Wrestling on ITV. I'm also hoping for a good show but presentation it's gonna be a bust
Stay Safe.

You'll Never Walk Alone
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Liz Warner, CEO of Comic Relief, has today said the organisation had taken its 'first steps' towards change, in light of criticism last year of 'white saviour' celebrities in 'poverty porn' films. The criticism followed last years footage of Ed Sheeran offering to pay for one boys housing in a film.

Interesting move after criticism from Aid watchdog SAIH; it will be interesting to see how it plays out across this years output. I know that celebrities have filmed clips as ever, so it may be a difference in the nature or edit of such films?