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DJGM2,712 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Sport Relief was a good evening's worth of entertainment, interspersed with some very sad
and quite upsetting footage, of what some children have to go through in India and Peru.

One report that had me all welled up, was the one about the young Indian railway boy who
had no family or friends left to turn to. Looking glum, sat in a train carriage, on his way to
a special place were he could be looked after with other former railway kids. To see the
smile on his face, and all the other children running towards him to greet him was very
moving. Anyone who failed to be moved by this, has no feeling whatsoever.

Another very upsetting report featured a family in India, consisting of a mother, and three
young children who literally had no real home at all. They lived with all their meagre,
threadbare possesions in the middle of an extremely busy main road.

In this day and age, in the 21st Century, human beings just shouldn't have to live like that.

Meanwhile, why the hell did the BBC pick Cilla sodding Black to host the Superstars
special? I cannot think of any presenter more unsuitable to host that type of event!

Also, I agree that Sport Relief would be better off on a weekday evening. If it was shown
on a Friday evening, it might have raised a lot more money. IIRC, Comic Relief 2003
had raised the outstanding total of over 35 million by the end of the show.

Eitherway, 11 million was still a great amount of money to raise for a great cause.
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I was moved by all the reports, but I found the Victoria Beckham one very patronising.

She was trying to ask politely for our money (and I'm sure she probably did donate), but she is the one who spends up to 30 000 in one shopping spree - I found that rather disgusting.
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Chris J posted:
James Vertigan posted:
I'm wondering if they booked Cilla Black on purpose because they knew Clair Balding was going to be on... just so she could say "Are you 'thur Clur'?"

It was said by Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours a couple of months ago as well - but hardly anyone seemed to pick up on it. That's in a much earlier time slot.

Is 'are you there clur?' post watershed material?

(Beware dubious editing. Newspapers are doing it all the time.)
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Well considering how crap Comic Relief was a year ago I thought Sport Relief was very good. It was also good to see Some of the Gladiators back aswell as for Cilla leave her alone at least she's presenting again.
DJGM2,712 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Hibee posted:

. . . as for Cilla leave her alone . . .

No. She's a crap presenter with a voice that's almost as annoying as Ken Livingstone's!

Hibee posted:

. . . at least she's presenting again . . .

Yes she is, unfortunately. I suppose the BBC will probably try to inflict her on us with her own chat show
to replace Parkinson. IMO, the only person on TV who's more annoying than Cilla Black, is Linda Barker.

Linda, Cilla . . . please do the viewing public a BIG favour . . . for the sake of our sanity . . . go away!
Hibee144 posts since 5 May 2003
Hibee posted:

. . . as for Cilla leave her alone . . .

No. She's a crap presenter with a voice that's almost as annoying as Ken Livingstone's!
Yeah but its her annoying voice which has got her where she is today.