A couple of stories regarding sport and the media - with current stars seemingly not bright enough that the job of analysts is to criticise as well as praise - and certainly too thick to realise they will probably be doing the criticising themselves in ten years time.

Firstly, the England team refused to speak to the media last night following criticism over Saturdays game - especially that directed at David James. It seems Sven agreed though as he dropped James to the bench - so are they not speaking to him aswell?

Secondly, Darren Campbell vs the BBC - or more specifically, Michael Johnson. It began after R2 of the 200m when Darren Campbell pulled up following the race, then went on to run in the Semi-Finals.

The row began when Johnson said after the 200m semi-finals: "No one's ever questioned [Campbell's] a great athlete but he's obviously not in shape right now. So why not just say that? Everyone will respect that. But when you pull a hamstring you're out for six weeks, you can't run.

"After the second round, I felt bad for Darren coming off the track, wincing. But then he said 'I'm going to run the semi-final'. I felt like I'd been taken advantage of as a viewer and supporter of Darren."

Michael Johnson is an athlete of a very high calibre who knows what he's talking about. He's paid by the BBC for his expertise and gave it - and I certainly respect him far more than Darren Campbell - who appears in this argument to me as a big cry baby, and is now threatening legal action against the BBC.