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(August 2001)

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noggin Founding member
There used to be a regional trail at about 2000 on Wednesday on BBC Two for the Thursday evening BBC Two documentary.

I believe that the occasional 2235 regional opt-outs require regional trails to be played out to prevent trails for the network 2235 programme being seen in the respective regions. (This is called 'blanketing' I believe - the Nations have to do it all the time)

In theory there is nothing to stop the regions trailing when they like - though I think Network would frown on this unless pre-arranged!

(Some regions opt-out early at 1830 if they need an extra 30' for their news programme - though it is a bit naughty to do so! There is ALWAYS a 30' promo on Network at this point to allow the studio which has broadcast the Six to prepare for UK Today)
itsrobert Founding member
Yes, they have a 30' trail, followed by a very long BBC ONE balloon! They have about a minute after that!! I don't know why they just can't say 'Now on BBC ONE, Gwenan Edwards with the news from across the UK Today'. We all know that you should press tv and button 1 to get regional programming. Or anyone with an ounce of common sense would turn SKY off and push 1 on the TV remote!! I'm sure even the dimmest of people can figure that one out!
Steve Founding member
I suppose it gives them loads of time to turn the camera round in N6 so they are ready... I can't think of any other reason.

Does the announcer always do a network announcement saying 'we can't go to your regional news programme, so here's UK Today'?
noggin Founding member
Digital BBC One announcer says 'Now a choice of regional programmes. Press TV and button One for your local programme, or stay here for UK Today'

Analogue BBC One announcer (who will only be heard if a region fails to opt-out) says 'This is BBC One. We apologise that we can't bring you your regional programme, but stay here for stories from across the UK')

The long symbol has to be used on analogue and on digital (even though the digital announcement is a bit shorter) to allow UK Today to start at a fixed point. The junction between the Six and UK Today is almost always 45-46', between the One and UK Today can sometimes be 1'15-1'16' or 45-46'

The camera has to spin, the VT transmission areas have to re-set, and the transmission timing and graphics automation system also has to change running orders...
Steve Founding member
Yes the scramble after the Six to change the people manning the gallery - I was ushered out just before so as not to get caught in the mad dash for the vision mixers seat!

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