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(October 2001)

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Asa Admin
Nice cockup at 6.30pm

Crimewatch promo - black bars added a second before the ident - cue 4:3 BBC One (not regional) ident with fake black bars. Couple of seconds later we see the 1st frame of the opening titles (normally shown *after* the headlines) and the 'Now on BBC One, we're....' (..sorry but we can't show your regional programme etc..) at which point the titles play.

Laurie seen shuffling his papers for the headlines for a couple of seconds but did very well to recover.

Someone a bit slow on the ball!
itsrobert Founding member
Well we had a clue that the headline sequence is pre-recorded here in the North West, as after the balloon, Gordon's face was stuck (i.e. frozen on the video), before jumping into action!!

This isn't the first time something like this happened! Once, during the balloon, we heard 'Welcome to the programme...' (which Gordon usually says after the balloon), and then a loud rewinding sound, followed by Gordon moving very fast backwards and then playing as usual!! I bet the whole region were shocked!
Steve Naylor
On the regional headline subject, Look North in Leeds recorded the headlines during the Clare Frisby/Harry Gration era but Christa likes to do them live so they now do them live!
Gareth Founding member
The other week, the first BBC News 2200hrs bulletin that was re-regionalised (after the world trade centre collapse) someone in manchester must have been asleep or the auto load must have failed as we got a generic clock, a pause, network 'the news now...', north west 'This is BBC One in the North West...', network clock throughout!! and we still don't know who's presenting the news! They remembered for the headlines!
BillyH Founding member
Here's one from the BBC One South East Days

BBC One English 10 ident plays with no sound! Pre recorded announcer says 'Now on BBC One,the news in London And The South East,(Baloon music plays for 1 and a half seconds then stops again)With Nina Hussian. NSE titles play with no sound for 1 second,then sound back! I have it on video along with MANY more bloopers!

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