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(November 2001)

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I voted for Lou's place, for obvious reasons (a moderator mentioned) but just a little thing about Neighbours and Eastenders- have you noticed that EVERY night/day EVERYONE goes to the queen vic/cafe/e20, and nowhere else.

In neighbours, there seems to be a ban on going anywhere, except the nightclub, after dark. They always go to Lou's place or Harolds caf thing. Thats all...ever, the poor people.
Plus, the same music always plays.
It could only be the Queen Vic!

But if I was really a resident of Albert Square, I'd be in Broadmoor by now!
Lou's place seeing as lovely Dr Karl spends most of his time there.
c@t posted:
I'd go to the Hollyoaks one. Couldn't be arsed travelling much further than that. Plus I'd know all of the local taxi firm's numbers, so getting home whilst drunk wouldn't be a problem.

Did I mention that it's full of remotely attractive men? No, don't think I did. Oh well, I'm sure that's nothing to do with it anyway.

I take it you live around where Hollyoaks is filmed then c@t? If you've ever met Joanna Taylor who plays Geri you are one lucky person! She's one hot girl who I'd say 'no' to any day!

Razz: Wink
Richard A
Favourite place: It would again have to be Lou's place - for the, erm, possibility of meeting Neighbours' female population...

Worst: Family Affairs' pub. Everyone in that soap looks miserable, and they always whisper (no chance of hearing juicy gossip then...)
Definitely The Woolpack for me - the others seem too depressing and too violent. The Rovers seems too crowded also and it doesn't have the nice wood, stone and log fires of The Woolpack, plus Edna muttering her witchcraft in a corner with Viv and Carol. Plus there's the odd big scene but not too many... and Sam Giles as a barmaid! Nice and attractive, rather her than Miss Piggy at The Vic.

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