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I do not know how this was routed, but surely it would make sense to have one circuit via fibre as the main and one via satellite as the reserve.
Unless to save money the reserve was dropped and the expectation was that the international feed would be used if the main circuit was lost?

If it happens during match play that is OK, but when there is only BBC presentation the international feed is not much use.

Usually the following year funds are restored for a reserve if this has been the case..... Only speculation and bitter experience on my part!
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According to this on their twitter: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C7cNVVpVAAAYJnA.jpg:orig

They do have fibre to the Crucible so I assume sat truck was backup. Both failing is impressive. Maybe an issue with distribution instead?

Unless Eurosport were using the fibre, and the Beeb using the uplink ?

Eurosport use 2 sat feeds at 7e I'm sure, it's the BBC that use fibre with a sat backup feed come the final.
benriggers has just provided a more complete account of the issue, but, as I was in the process of uploading what I captured via BBC2 NI (which was opted out to Network's feed at the time), thought I'd post it anyway:

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I've had the album 'Tropic Affair' (by Jim Brock) for many years, which was an album being promoted by a Hi-Fi magazine due to its very high audio production quality. The title track would be very suitable for breakdowns, I think:

I still like the old BBC Scotland Ceefax tape which lasted up till Digital switch over. I just found the network choices dull and uninspiring

To give Network their dues (which, as you may know, is highly unusual for me), the breakdown music track they seem to use at the moment is miles better than this cringeworthy criminal assault on the eardrums, recently used by NI (at 0:53 onwards):

I'm not altogether sure if the on-screen message is indicating the fault being the breakdown in transmission, or the poor selection of music track Very Happy
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