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Unless Eurosport were using the fibre, and the Beeb using the uplink ?

Probably, there's more than one feed coming from there after all. BBC main and reserve, international and table ('interactive') feeds and if Eurosport are doing their presentation from there then they'll likely have two paths too. It's not all going to go in the same fibre.

I read elsewhere the thought that the input to the SIS wallbox got disconnected which is why those colour bars appeared
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BBC TWO Wales was struggling, going into Daily Politics . There was a long playout of Swan (exceeding its normal length so most of it was one frozen frame) before the Car/Mirror B breakdown slide appeared.

This doesn't apply to Swan but I wonder if the older idents are still available in their original full length durations, ~50s, or are they restricted to maximum 30s? Suspect the latter.

I can't speak for the other regions but NI certainly has copies of Catalyst, Silk, Water and Woodpecker beyond 30s in duration.
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After a detour while getting dinner, I can confirm there are now two SIS vans in the compound. One buried in the middle which did use to have it's dish raised, and another parked up at one of the access points on the road, which would suggest to me something on the van died.

Here's a couple of photos :-
First, here's the original van, hidden behind the scaff tower with the big dish on (I believe this is the Eurosport uplink, with SIS providing the BBC feed - this is because this is the way it used to be done with BT doing the BBC job). The little van I believe is for social media type streaming feeds etc. This stuff is at the opposite end of the compound to the fibre wallbox.


From round the corner and the other end, you can just about see the dish of the second SIS van. A second uplink van normally appears here for the final weekend anyway, and it's an easy place to get the van inside the fence.


In the BT days, BT would fibre the feeds back, with their van parked almost where the second SIS van has appeared today, which is adjacent to the fibre wallbox. They would then add a sat truck for the final.

I don't know that SIS aren't using the fibre, but my suspicion is that they're not.

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