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Those post Ant & Dec episodes of Chums were completely ignored during SM:TV Gold and the final episode, they acted as if the wedding episode was the last one, and on the final edition had Dane Bowers supposedly having been in the bedroom for the previous 2 years (and he could have still been in there for the following 17 years since that's the last time I recall seeing him anywhere!).
Was still worth it for this gag; "I'd best head off. Another Level are gonna be wondering where I am"
Steve Williams
I remember Hepburn, but I'd forgotten about the other two until you mentioned them! Though I'm probably one of the few people who remembers Hepburn... and one of even fewer who remembers their song "Bugs" as well as "I Quit".

It feels like you could barely do a CD:UK in half an hour. TOTP struggled when it tried doing anything other than music, and they didn't even have time taken for an advert break in the middle. I think later on it was only cut to 40 or 50 minutes on Formula 1 days.

Wracking my brains I've remembered that the fourth band on that CDUK were 21st Century Girls, whose eponymous single soared to the dizzy heights of number sixteen. Of course the same time Hepburn released Bugs there was also another very similar band called Thunderbugs to add to the confusion.

I do remember during the Rugby World Cup in 1999 the show was extremely truncated one week, to little more than an hour, and they did a ten minute CDUK where they counted down the top ten and played the number one.
For some reason 21st Century Girls had the honour of having a poster for their single put up in a hoarding in our school... and I think that was the only poster that ever ended up in it.

And I remember the Thunderbugs... Friends Forever their single was called. I remember their thing being that they were international, I think they had French, German and American members as well as the British one. For some reason I remember these obscure acts, probably because they did still get played repeatedly on The Box for a while. I remember quite a lot of songs doing well on The Box, but then flopping in the actual charts, probably record company executives repeatedly selecting them. I think all the acts you mention were given Boxtalks which were shown several times a day which probably also helps me remember them
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I was looking up the writers for SMTV and sadly Richard Preddy (writer from 1998 to 2001) passed away in June of this year. He also wrote for Ant and Dec Unzipped, Smack the pony and The fast show.
A Christmas edition from 2001 after Ant and Dec left. Chums is going with just Cat and Louise. Am i right in thinking this was the last episode to feature Chums?

Clock starts at 9:25:50 on that episode (6:47 in the video).

Is that possibly the earliest seen?

41 days later

ITV have announced the smtv live reunion to be airing over Christmas and it sounds like it’s being presented by Ant,Dec and Cat from the original set.
ITV have announced the smtv live reunion to be airing over Christmas and it sounds like it’s being presented by Ant,Dec and Cat from the original set.

It's not the original set. It's a recreation, and was filmed in the original studio.
Yh that’s what I ment.does anywhere say how long the documentary will be?
Andrew Founding member
I’d guess it would be an hour

It also says it will focus on the 1999-2001 period, so don’t expect any mention of Des Clarke or Tess Daly
Disapointing, I'd like to see a fair amount on the 1998-99 period.
The press release says 1999-2001 were "the first three years". Not only did the show start in 1998 but 1999-2001 were actually 2 years, so I assume it's a typo and we probably will see 1998 content on it.

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