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E! has been renamed SHE! for International Women’s Day and they are still using it today.

Really not sure where to put this and it doesn’t deserve it’s own thread but seeing as now it’s one of Sky’s babies/siblings I’ll put it in here.

I trust it'll be called HE! on 19 November for International Men's Day? No...? Thought not.
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I seem to be watching a 4:3 episode of the Simpsons on Sky 1, made me quite sad that for the most part they’re gone because the look is really part of the charm. Was it a mistake that it was aired or have they come to their senses?

Update: theres another 4:3 one being played right now... fluke?
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The last couple of times they've ran season 11 it's still been 4:3... for now. Seems to be the only one they still show that way. A shame it's the first season where the drop in quality really became apparent. Yet somehow it's still running 20 years later.

Channel 4 showing the proper 4:3 versions of season 8 as I'm typing this though. Sky have shown the pseudo-HD versions of them.
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But if people don't know that the remasters cut the top and bottom off, they're not going to know they need to answer "no".

Well that's just it, it's a useless question because the remastering "solution" to the "problem" has been so badly executed.

Anyway, I now have a Season 1-8 DVD mountain as a result of this nonsense and I suppose anyone bothered enough can do the same for relatively little outlay.