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Nat Geo Wild is rebranding its identity internationally and changing its logo and DOG to "National Geographic Wild"

The change already happened in Italy and some other countries

Has this happened in the UK?
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I've just scheduled a recording on Sky 2 because the original airing on Sky 1 and Sky 1 +1 both clash with other things, and I only have a single feed.

And Sky1+1 can't show all of Sky1's programming for legal/copyright reasons.
This is ITV at the heart of your region. Now, the news.
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Not sure if this is the right thread but it is the closest one.

Sky Cinema is marking Groundhog Day in the US by showing Groundhog Day over and over again on Sky Cinema Comedy - same as previous years.

They missed a trick by not repeating the marathon today.

But Groundhog Day (as in 'the' Groundhog Day', not the film) is on Feb 2nd. Which was why they aired Groundhog Day the film over and over again on Feb 2nd. Doing it on Feb 3rd is just silly because there is no such thing as 'Day after Groundhog Day'.
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there is no such thing as 'Day after Groundhog Day'.

That's the entire point.

Confused Confused

Has somebody slipped something into the coffee tonight?

My guess is, if it was Groundhog Day for real, every day would be Feb 2nd, therefore airing the film on a loop for subsequent days would also be valid.

The flaw is that only the subject of the loop (Bill Murray's character Phil) is aware of it and is the only one repeating the day, for everyone else there is only one Feb 2nd, therefore Sky would only need to schedule it on Feb 2nd, the subject/Phil would just see the same exact showings over and over...

Of course if Phil was watching the film himself, he'd obviously realise how to break the loop a lot quicker.