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Yandere Gaming56 posts since 2 Oct 2016
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Well, it isn't a "new logo.
I've noticed recently that Sky have finally made a new Sky Store logo but for some reason, it is not being used on the adverts

It is not a logo change. It is the same, all that's happened is that they have MODIFIED the logo slightly with the new style of Sky logos.

New gradients? Improved corners? This logo is better than the previous one. Yes, now when I look back on my original posts I can see I made major errors....
Seriously, just do us all a favour and close Sky 2..
TellyTime17 posts since 9 Jan 2017
It's been months now since Sky updated the logo for Sky Living to remove the pre-Sky styling of Living from the VMTV days but they are still using the old version on Facebook and Twitter - doesn't Sky care about their brand standards?
Stuart6,534 posts since 13 Oct 2003
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Sky has decided to cancel the recent 'upgrade' to their standard Sky+HD STB homepage known as R016, notified here.

Some people had illogically complained that they couldn't "read the buttons" on the R015 version . . . obviously not realising that they are supposed to be icons: you didn't have to be able to read the text in the pictures:


I did think that R016 (no pics available) was a retrograde step (reverting the top half of the homepage to the large icons of a previous version). Fortunately Sky have seen sense.
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I think most of the R016 changes were to do with the homepage and the Top Picks carousel.

I think this is an R016 shot:

This appears to be another one:

There was a third one that I saw on skyepginfo but I can't find that at the moment. If the Google cache is anything to go by there was a big multipage thread on the Sky Community forums that had images and discussion about R016 but that appears to have totally disappeared and wasn't around long enough for Google to cache it.