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harshy5,555 posts since 24 Mar 2001
I like the gradient on Sky casino

Yes, I also like that one. They have another product line called 'Sky Live Casino' in the same style, but I can't seem to find a decent sized image . . . only this one:


That logo is only used on the header of the site, it’s not used elsewhere.

App logos have finally updated Thumbs up
_Tom_ (previously T0M) 306 posts since 25 May 2015
Granada North West Today
I don’t feel that this look is one that will last, to be honest. Sky have never been good at keeping things uniform - they get twitchy and want to change things, especially when things are *so* uniform like now.

Lower case in the logos looks crap.

I agree, as much as consistency is good, Sky has managed to devoid the channels of any personality they might have, especially their three main channels. I think part of the problem is as well that the rebrand doesn’t make much of an impact because they still use their (garish) custom font in all of it, making it look more like a refresh than a rebrand to the everyday eye, if that makes sense...
I think it’s time to break out of the boxes.
W M10 posts since 9 Feb 2018 new member
Midlands Today
I’m not so sure the gambling logo’s should follow the exact same style as the likes of Sky1 and Sky News. Maybe something more in line with the Sky Store logo would have been a little more distinctive from their flagship channels.
harshy5,555 posts since 24 Mar 2001
Back to Sky Branding, and here are the new gaming logos . ..

My personal favourite logo has to be the Sky Casino one, because it seems they actually made effort with it. The new Sky Poker logo looks surprisingly similar to the current Sky One logo.

Casino is exactly the same gradient as the old one, bit of an unusual one as it’s marketing comes with a slogan underneath, but it’s not there on the other gaming brands.