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Sky TV Network 30th Anniversary

On 5th Feb 1989 sky become fully uk forced. (February 2019)

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I didn't really have satellite as a kid but a relative did, I popped over to their place sometimes to watch Cartoon Network and Disney Channel a few years later. I didn't know till much later that Sky had kind of been a single channel operation prior to getting into the Satellite Race for the UK market.

One thing I do note of having seen both BSB and Skys efforts to woo people to their platforms pre-launch, they both had very flashy advertising that was nice - but told you zilch about what you might be buying into outside a hint of the channel genres, and even then the only solid confirmation is Sky News and Sky Movies at that point. State of the Art and exciting for sure, but early adopters on both platforms really paying for the potential of the platform rather than any promised quality content

Sky's launch was rushed to beat out BSB and it kind of shows in the promo and the snippets of early Sky content available online. That said you could also say that should have given them plenty of time to get up to the potential standards of BSB's presentation and programming, of which they didn't really match at that time. If I recall AppleMask's BSB history series right - Sky Movies went free part because VideoCrypt wasn't ready yet, and BSB's equivalent was touted to be part of the standard package - however it was a double edged sword, as that meant Sky was constantly pulling teeth to get half decent films aired because the studios didn't want their more recent films aired unscrambled.

74 days later

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Here is an edition of the Media Show on Sky's first birthday, and before the launch of BSB. It features a review of its programming by Richard Coles:

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Cor, didn't know Richard Coles was doing telly that far back.
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..If I recall AppleMask's BSB history series right....

Where can this be found please?
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Here is part one:

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