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I couldn't see this in another thread, so thought i'd mention that this is the last day of Sky Travel as we know it.

I don't often watch (however I do enjoy the odd Airline and think that World Live is a brilliant import/opt-in), but I think it's worth mentioning that it's one of the few original non-terrestrial channels still going.

Launched as part of Sky's original 'Multichannel Package', with Bravo and MTV, it's just over 14 years old, which in this day and age, isn't bad for a low audience-share channel.

I realise that the change to 'Sky Real Lives' will be as substantial to the programming as the change from UKTV G2 to Dave was, but it's still a well established brand that will, as of tomorrow (because, of course, everything should start/change midweek!?) will be consigned to the depths of the 600 shopping channel section.

More info here if you want it.