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Well this should remove the Murdoch's sooner, but hell it's an enormous upset.

Why? He going to make alot of money out of this.
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Good news for anyone who can't stand the Murdoch's. They shouldn't be too concerned as parent company News UK is expanding their radio business, which can grow if they acquire another radio group such as Bauer.

As for Comcast. So many questions with no answers. First is will NBC's London bureau move to Osterley once their contract with ITN runs out?

This is a good deal for Sky News, With Euronews covering mainland Europe and Sky News covering the UK and Ireland, this will vastly improve news coverage of the continent for NBC News and MSNBC viewers in North America. Ironically for Darren McCaffrey who just left Sky News for Euronews, it's very likely that he'll be back on Sky News covering EU stories alongside their own correspondent.

I don't know much about how Comcast operates in the States, but Sky people will still be in charge, even if they answer to an American CEO. I'd also expect Sky News to maintain editorial impartiality and independence.
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All the plans were in place for Disney to take C21Fox which would have stabilised content going forwards. Now all of these are shredded and new plans need to be made. Sky's new relationship with NBC should be fascinating on a Sports basis. I suspect that BT et al will be quietly relieved with the added time that the buildout of Comcast flavoured Sky will need.

As for the Murdochs they were set to continue in the short term with Disney, hence the prospect of a quick exit from the UK TV scene.
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Well this should remove the Murdoch's sooner, but hell it's an enormous upset.

Why? He going to make alot of money out of this.

I think you misunderstood him. He means an upset like in betting. When a giant killing happens in football's FA Cup for example. Everyone expected Fox to take over Sky, not Comcast.

Perhaps Comcast had more money to spend, because they failed to take over 21st Century Fox?
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Why do you prefer Comcast?
You do know Rupert will get alot of money for this.. If Comcast reputation is anything, I think alot of people will leave them since there have a choice, like Sky, cable etc

Comcast does have an awful reputation for their cable/Internet service, but that's in the US where it is a very different market and regulatory system than the US. A lot of places there have no competition for broadband, they won't be able to get away with a bad service here.

The shareholders of Sky will get a lot of money, but that's how investment works (when it's done right of course) . As for the Murdoch family, they're getting a lot of money whatever the outcome. What they get from selling Sky will be small change compared with what they'll get from selling Fox
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