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Sky Satelite in bad weather

(July 2013)

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I thought the issue was the rain attenuating/reflecting away the signal before it gets to the LNB?

If you need to put a box on the LNB that, to me, would raise questions about the quality of the installation.

My experience would seem to be in accordance with that - the signal often goes before any rain has reached the ground - it goes before a particularly heavy downpour for me, usually.

Exactly that was happening for me earlier today.

Yes, it's the scattering of the signal passing through thousands of feet worth of moisture, not
the few drops of water on the LNB or dish
thegeek Founding member
That said, they will have backup or alternative sites to move services to when it happens, though depending on how it's managed there could be a gap in service to switches over
Also, in some cases, the alternative site isn't particularly far from the main one - and you don't necessarily know whether the same thunderstorm that's causing you problems is heading towards, or away from your backup site. Sometimes you just have to hope it passes quickly and that the automatic gain control in the transponder will take care of most of the rain fade.
Unlie me where I tend to lose BBC3 for no reason, and for some consecutive days as well!!! Its the only channel I lose like this.

With regards to the weather, I tend to lose all channels during very bad downpours or when snow ihastotally covered the lnb!
harshy Founding member
usually the HD channels would be the first to go if your reception is a bit dodgy in first place, I lost BBC One downstairs for many minutes, my motorised dish however kept the signal it could be these minidishes not take into account when it rains. severely like it did this morning

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