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Jonny4,005 posts since 27 Nov 2006
Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
My initial reaction to the Sky1 idents is that they would have been improved by the "1" being a static, monolithic structure, with the action happening around it/to it, rather than a personified thing in itself. The cartoonish bending of the numeral cheapens it somewhat and that particular "1" shape doesn't lend itself to being an active "hero"/character as well as, say, the BBC "2" does (which may have been the inspiration).

I think "less is more" is somewhat of a lost philosophy in regards to contemporary use of CG animation for broadcast design.

However, I always appreciated the "Sky|One", original "onc" and the "Solid, Liquid and Gas" looks and this adheres more comfortably to the standards set by those. At the very least, it is a long overdue improvement on the previous 4 years, and the Sky Atlantic stuff looks beautiful.
fanoftv8,386 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Central (West) Midlands Today

Interesting that they gone back to using just the numeral on the majority of those idents featured. It has potential and was needed for the channel. A shame that they couldn't do something with sky 2, even if it were to bring back the Sky (1) Mix name and have a mixture of 1, Living and maybe Arts programmes on the channel.
tomo359994 posts since 18 Oct 2009
Border (England)
Have only seen whats online, mainly thanks to Andrew (Ident Gallery). Liking Sky 1's new look, but I think anything would have been an improvement on all those programme specific idents they had.

Not sure on Atlantic, I think because I loved their previous idents so much, anything new doesn't look as good, but they are still very nice and well made.

Disappointed with Living, more programme specific idents with the logo just fading in. Quite boring really.

I like the Sky Arts idents, especially the Butterfly one, that is beautiful.

Haven't seen much of the pres side yet so will keep an eye out.
Larry the Loafer5,788 posts since 2 Jul 2005
Granada North West Today
I'm quite impressed by these, not to mention overwhelmed that people can still make idents nowadays with a logo on them....

There definitely seems to be more personality conveyed from the new Sky1 idents, something they've lacked for a long time. I can't express how often I rolled my eyes whenever I saw a Sky1 ident before today. As for Atlantic, I still quite liked their original idents, but I really like the classiness they've got with these new ones. That being said, I'm not keen on the white backdrop when the logo settles in. Frankly, I think the old Sky Arts idents were better. However, I rarely watched the channel, so they're bound to feel fresher for me than the average viewer.

And as for Sky Living, that's how you integrate your channel's programmes into an ident. Not slapping your logo over a clip of it.
Stuart7,577 posts since 13 Oct 2003
Westcountry Spotlight
I must admit that living's do seem rubbish in comparison.
I'm liking the presentation around it from the ECP to the discrete coming up strap.

I think this is all designed to mirror the way SkyQ operates their various levels on the EPG, with sub areas appearing from a various vertical lines on the screen.