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fanoftv7,933 posts since 4 Jan 2003
According to a digital spy article (See Here!), Sky are looking into launching another Sky One spin off in the form of a lifestyle channel.

Is it me that this seems to have come about since ITV announced that they were thinking of launching a lifestyle channel. But what wil both ITV & Sky fill lifestyle channels with?

ITV have the advantage of many daytime programmes that they could Spin off, etc, but to me the only lifestyle-ish programmes that Sky One have are the Sharon Osbourne Show, and Dr Phil.

Though technically looking at Sky Travel with travel programmes, cookery-esque programmes with Floyd and programmes like Airline isn't Sky Travel effectively a lifestyle programme anyway?
skyisthebest228 posts since 18 Jan 2004
I can see this happening in the near future on Sky Digital:

106 Sky One
107 Sky Mix
108 Sky Lifestyle

I expect sky will eventually use the 108 slot as its in such a prime location.
I originally predicted this happening:

106 Sky One
107 Sky One +1
108 Sky Mix
BBC LDN1,527 posts since 6 Jan 2003
Perhaps Sky insiders can shed some light on whether there's any veracity to this, but I had lunch with a marketing consultant friend earlier, and she actually mentioned this to me, at one point casually dropping in the name "Sky Life". Maybe our resident Sky branding supremo Martin Anderson may know a little more, and correct me if that's wrong.