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Sky News scraps plan to launch in USA

Reported in today's Observer (August 2003)

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Corin posted:
If Americans want real news, then they do not watch FOX NEWS, but tune to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or PBS for tv news and NPR for radio news.

It is not as it there are no alternatives -- US media is much more diverse than that in the UK.

There are more alternatives than in the UK, but the UK media is far more pural - it includes a much more diverse range of opinions. We have a wide range of newspapers across the poilitical spectrum.....the US doesn't. We also have national radio and a large national broadcaster.

All of the above networks broadcast the same news from roughly the same perspective - and importantly their news is very insular, you really have to struggle to find out what is happening outside the US
fernando posted:
A bit of off-topic Sky News gossip - I was doing a shift last night and the sound guy played 'Chris Rogers' as the voiceover on one bulletin, instead of 'Chris Roberts'. Chris was not happy and fell into a mood for about 3 hours.

Quite amusing really. Serves him right. Moody egoist.

Awww, i'm sure he's not that bad. Sky News and large ego's? Surely not!

Boredom in repeating the same old news everyhour has probably been the reason for egoflation at osterley. Still, thats all to change soon according to some. Perhaps if you stick him in the new Sky News chopper?
A former member Anglia (East) Look East
I know I would be very p*ssed off if I were mistaken for Chr*s R*gers - I can't think of anything more degrading.

Mr Roberts is one of only a handful of presenters on Sky who comes across as a genuinely nice and likeable person. It is understandable that he was in a mood after that incident.
fusionlad Founding member West Country (West) Spotlight
Disturbing pictures being fed into Sky News and Fox News right now. Fox seems a little more disturbing, with people having their hearts pumped in the middle of the sreet. i think Sky have managed to cut this part.

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