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mark1,672 posts since 27 Jun 2001
Personally, I don't mind the temporary set - the CSO background has certainly improved a lot since the last time they went to a temp studio. Last time around, I remember that there was lots of dodgy edging around the presenters, you could see bits of green screen between some of the presenters' hair, and you could even see the green screen reflected in the desk!

Still, I'd really love to see the new look - surely it's got to be worth waiting for if it's going to take this long...
teleonline140 posts since 4 May 2001
maybe the presenters have to reherse because like mentioned ages ago in the forum there is a 'breaking news' desk. but i can't wait until monday 3rd september does anyone know the time as i will be coming back from holiday at 2am that day.
mark1,672 posts since 27 Jun 2001
I wonder if they'll start playing trailers for the relaunch during August, a bit like CNN are doing for the new-look Headline News - 'we're changing everything but the name', and all that! If the new look is amazing and radically different, I expect they'd want to plug it - and it might give us a glimpse into what the new set will look like.