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Sky News, ITV NC or BBC News 24?

Who's best now they've all relaunched? (April 2004)

Very unlikely, I would think.

And when hasn't News 24 been the favourite channel, sorry, obsession, on this forum?

For all your gushing praise, Moss, the perception within the industry is that News 24 just has something missing and that it can't quite cut it against Sky.

That was only reinforced by their coverage of Iraq.

Until that perception is shattered - and it'll take more than a new studio and, it has to be said, not a great deal of change in their agenda to do that - then it will remain 2nd best.

It hasn't got the experience, it hasn't got the presenters, and it hasn't got the confidence to push past Sky at the moment.
cwathen Founding member West Country (West) Spotlight
2) They get rid of all the normal UK ads, and replace them with the red and blue and white "Headlines" and "Sport" screen, mixed with their awful music, and,

They do this because the advertisers have paid to advertise to the UK - why show UK ads internationally for products which may not be available in other countries? Why let advertisers advertise to the whole world (well, as much of it as Sky News broadcasts to anyway) when they have only paid to advertise in one country?

3) They remove the clock.... Gran Canaria is on the same time band as the UK, so instead of removing the clock, put a clock on for the right area of the world, instead of your logo which is the wrong size and shade of red for the rest of the astons!!!

But other countries aren't in the same time zone. How do you propose they get around this? Have 24 international feeds, one for each timezone? They could have just left the UK time up (as Fox News do, but then I doubt they think any non-US timezones are important enough to acnkowledge anyway) or gone for GMT, but imo that would just be confusing for a lot of viewers on the international feed. Showing no clock at all (as BBC World and CNNi do) is the best solution. I do agree with you though that they need to find a better way of displaying the dog without a clock, the oversized blue and red bands don't work.

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