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Sky News, ITV NC or BBC News 24?

Who's best now they've all relaunched? (April 2004)

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James Hatts posted:
Sky News is clearly the slickest operation - they have the advantage (at the moment) of just having the one outlet, so they are able to concentrate on doing rolling news and doing it well. They've also been doing it longer than the other two players. They provide a consistent, UK-focussed, (usually) live service 24 hours a day, which neither of the other channels do.

Sky News is certainly the leader in terms of being able to make rolling news less repetitive and less boring through the use of the newswall, and slightly different running orders every hour, and also the best at dynamic and fast breaking news coverage, but I think that News 24 performs better than Sky in terms of in-depth analysis (more thoughtful ways than just using the newswall and the vizrt 3D system to do all sorts of clever presentations) and roundtable interviews. ITV NC comes second, mainly in the branded "Live with..." programmes by Alistair Stewart and Angela Rippon, but not as good at other times (same problem as Sky, using the virtual wall and the 3D presentations copied from Sky News).

James Hatts posted:
Meanwhile the ITV News Channel is compromised by playing second fiddle to the demands of ITV1 bulletins, and News 24 has to compete with the BBC's other TV and radio services for access to correspondents etc.

Agree with the ITV NC, it would be much better if they dropped ITV1 bulletins when their are live events like PMQs, or serious breaking news that doesn't warrant breaking into the ITV1 network. You don't need the correspondents that are needed for the ITV1 bulletins, just take the live feed. News 24 doesn't totally have the problem you describe, it does have "semi-dedicated" correspondents, Guto Harri for example, although he does appear on BBC1 bulletins as well when another Political Correspondent is not avalible.

James Hatts posted:
The ITV NC is clearly a dramatically improved operation, and for much of the time is very watchable. The programmes presented by Alastair Stewart and Angela Rippon are especially strong. I like the NC's graphics too. The channel is also starting to make really good use of its access to the ITV regions - I like the fact that you see a lot of regional stories on the NC that never see light of day on the other two channels.

I'm not so sure about the graphics, they aren't as good as the News 24 graphics (I think the live TOG rendered graphics are better, and the graphics in the reports produced primarily for News 24 featuring the globe and ribbons from the titles are a lot more well designed). I agree about the regional stories, it is ITV NC that features more of them, and it was something that News 24 was supposed to be covering more of from relaunch.[/quote]

James Hatts posted:
News 24 has its strengths too, though I have mixed feelings about the revamp. In some ways I preferred the previous set and graphics. I don't think the huge text on the straps works well, and the contrast between breaking news and other news isn't clear enough. I also think the channel is let down by the joint service with World overnight and the Breakfast simulcasts in the mornings.

The old set was quite good when it first launched in 1999, but as usual with news sets, it dated quite badly, and the updates to the set didn't really help with that. I think the new set looks brilliant, and would look even better if they had more space to work with, but they have made the best with what they have, and with any luck this should be solved in around 3 years or so, when the whole of BBC News moves to the new News Centre at Broadcasting House, providing that the new News 24 studio, and the other 5 new television studios at BH, have plenty of space, instead of these poxy little digital studios like LDN and South East Today have (an idea for the moment would be to have News 24 use TC10 for part of the day, in the daytime or evening after the Seven O'Clock News on BBC Three havs finished, instead of using N8 every hour).

I think News 24's graphics are the best among the news channels, they are very adaptable, and when necessary can be shrunk down, move to two info lines if a single line isn't enough etc. I do agree that Breaking News graphics need to be more distinctive, keep the splash and beef up the sound effect used, but the banner graphics need to be red on white or something different.

One other thing I find annoying about the ITV NC. They have more ad breaks than Sky News, and they are usually far too long. They also break away from live coverage of a long live event or even serious breaking news coverage for an ad break, a recent example is the Condoleeza Rice testimony to the 9/11 Commission. When they come back, they re-join the live event. Do they really think that a majority of viewers won't tune into Sky or News 24 which don't do this?
intheknow posted:
One other thing I find annoying about the ITV NC. They have more ad breaks than Sky News, and they are usually far too long.

I'm not sure that this is true. ITV NC has 4 breaks an hour - the same as Sky News.

ITV NC has 3 minutes of ads up to the top of the hour, Sky has 4 minutes (I think)
intheknow posted:
They also break away from live coverage of a long live event or even serious breaking news coverage for an ad break, a recent example is the Condoleeza Rice testimony to the 9/11 Commission. When they come back, they re-join the live event. Do they really think that a majority of viewers won't tune into Sky or News 24 which don't do this?

I agree this is annoying, and destroys the credibility of the channel's coverage.
The thing I hate about the ITVNC is how say for a whole morning theyve been promoting some press conference or event, and then when the event acctually happens, theyve had to simulcast the ITV1 bulletins. It makes the channel look incredibly amateurish, and I agree, if they know an event is going to occur (such as Blairs press conference), why cant they just have the live feed streamed without any commentry rather than opting into the lunchtime news and london today?
Pete Founding member
I think ITV make more of their ad breaks so you notice them more.
A former member
I hate to say this, but Sky News is by far the best! The new graphics just adds to the quality of news, modern feel, and just bloody good!
I think ITV News would be better off opting out of the live coverage of lengthy events as I don't see how it benefits viewers having all three news channels streaming exactly the same pictures when you tune in expecting the headlines.
To be honest, I only watch N24 when Peter Sissons is on, because I remember him from yesteryear and I htink he's one of the most believable presenters in the News department.

The only reasons I watch ITV News are because:
a) Angela Rippon's Sunday programme isn't bad
b) The astons haven't gone ridiculously large, and
c) I don't mind Nicholas Owen.

I DEFINITELY DON'T watch SKY News. I have juyst been away to Gran Canaria for the week, where they obtain, on the Astra2 Satellite, SKY News International. There are three things I really do hate about this:
1) That bloody annoying ad with Richard Bestic in N.Delhi ("A region as complex as the sub-continent needs a SKY News bureau....")
2) They get rid of all the normal UK ads, and replace them with the red and blue and white "Headlines" and "Sport" screen, mixed with their awful music, and,
3) They remove the clock.... Gran Canaria is on the same time band as the UK, so instead of removing the clock, put a clock on for the right area of the world, instead of your logo which is the wrong size and shade of red for the rest of the astons!!!

Mind, I did catch the Monday morning 'Sunrise' which was the morning of the relaunch.

DON'T even start me on CNNI.

Arrow James
ohwhatanight Founding member
Im not sure which News Channel is 'BEST' but i admit that I watch ITV News Channel the most!

BBC News 24 has vastly improved since the relaunch and I now watch many more hours of this channel per week than I used to whereas I seem to be watching LESS SKy News than I previously did!

Maybe its a presentation thing, as they do (generally )all break news together, but I watch mainly for the graphics and animations rather than the news content!

It might seem shallow but this is a forum about TV PRESENTATION not TV CONTENT - even thought the tv content does play a part!

I just dont relate to the news presenters on SKY News and find them rather cold whereas on the ITV News Channel I like all the presenters, apart from Owen Thomas, whom should be stuck presenting over night on SKY News.

NEWS 24 is good (news-wise) but spends too much time covering world-wide issues (some might see this as a plus but I dont) whereas ITV News Channel is more Britain orientated!
harshy Founding member
BBC News 24 is much more watchable these days, the previous look was crap!

BBC World not as good now, before the revamp they were excellent

Sky News, not sure about titles, end result is weak, quality of the news operation excellent as always.

ITN News channel improving by the day, need to get ladies to wear skirts! Very Happy
harshy posted:
ITN News channel improving by the day, need to get ladies to wear skirts! Very Happy

I think that's banned in the ITV News presenters' dress code Smile
Moz posted:
I think News 24 blows Sky out of the water.

Just watching a bit last night just showed how much better the channel is now. The bit where Louise had 3 guests round the centre desk with all the great camera angles they use for these bits, the way she was relaxed, confident, asking intelligent and intereting questions - it was a joy, almost a mini-Question Time. Then over to Simon on the right hand set for breaking news and then a facinating two way between Simon and Geoff Randell the Business Editor about the Express boss's outburst.

It all just seemed to flow well, look great, ooze confidence and - of course most imortantly - the content was very interesting and informative.

Now I know Sky News Today does some of this well too (though it doesn't look good) they do it in the morning when I'm in work, as are most people.

I just think that the improvement in N24 since relaunch has been huge, and it's getting better every day.

I agree completely...I'm a News 24 convert of late, as Sky's agenda and methods of presentation seem to go more tabloid every day, whereas on News 24 I get authoritative news, presented sensibly - Taking the budget as an example, on News24 there are lots of studio guests and Lives commenting on it, whilst over on Sky this is interspersed with someone flying around in a SkyCopter (!) and someone else in a Virtual Warehouse. I realise that some people find this entertaining, but this isn't how I personally would want my news presented, so I choose an alternative.
So with almost 50% of the vote, it looks like News 24 is now the favourite news channel of TV Forum!

What's the chances of Sky News being dethroned as RTS News Channel of the Year next time?

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