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Has anybody seen whats going on at skynews it looks as if they are taking the newsroom apart. A computer fault?
try not to speculate on a studio redesign, it seems to be the kiss of death when ever we talk about such things as it takes another 10 years for it to happen. It was probablly just a computer fault.
Isonstine2,537 posts since 28 Mar 2001
Sky News showing their commitment for their presenters! Smile

Where's Kev got to anyway, he was the one in the know about the Sky News relaunch in the first place.
Any more details?
cat2,593 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Kev isn't online at the moment.
It would seem slightly odd though.... they cannot keep these graphics going for another week it would simply be as if they didn't care about it.
i bet you when they come back at the top of the hour, everything will be back to normal, teasing us and making me look a fool!
Isonstine2,537 posts since 28 Mar 2001
I can understand them keeping the graphics for the election as they would have better things to worry about like that great interactive service they layed on, absolutely fantastic!

Come on, I want to see what the actual new logo will look like as there has been a lot of speculation and Kev said it was trying to break of from its BSkyB image and become more a part of News Corp.
I think it already did this with the slogan 10 seconds before the hour, showing their worldwide broadcasting.