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I thought ironic and very stupid how Simon from BP got sacked for taking drugs and yet BP were *really excited* about S Club 7 coming into the studio in the very same week of the revealations of them using drugs. Yeah, nice one Blue Peter!

On a slightly different point, does anybody have some early screenshots of sky news, i obtained sky in 1996, but what sky news looked like before that (asside from the idents) is a mystery.
Asa3,587 posts since 22 Mar 2001 Administrator
cheshirec posted:
And anyway, at least Sky News doesn't have a recorded show during peak time eh?
What is peak-time? If its the same as prime-time, then N24 doesn't have a recorded show because AFAIK 'prime-time' is classed as 6pm-10.30pm.

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Well, you missed the best years of the channel to put it simply, Sky News was much more diverse before News24 came along and ruined the lot.
For example, 'Sky News Tonight' and 'World News Hour' 'News and Business at Noon' were just some of the programmes used.
Myself and Martin (mdta) are preparing an unofficial Sky News page charting the channels history so that will be up soon.
Go to
and click on the Sky section there.
Originally they had very high profile presenters, and now however, only about 4 of the orignal launch team remain.
Bob Friend and Kay Burley, who presented the 7 oclock bulletin on the opening night of Sky TV, Frank Partridge, Viv Creegor and Simon McCoy are the only remaining anchors from launch team.
However, David Foster and Francis Wilson have been there since launch.

And Asa, Primetime is 6 till 11, hence the old Sky News bulletin 'Sky News Primetime' which ran till 11pm.

The old studios were very different from the ones at the moment, the first studio was open plan, the second was semi open the third, and now current is closed.