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No, as I have said before I worked for CNN helping to develop and set up their viewer interaction service online, i.e. chatrooms, debating forums etc.
Just remind me what you do in the tv industry again?
Steve Naylor
I was in the BBC News centre on the night of the Iraqi air strikes and no, the ten o'clock team who I was with, did seem surprised at the lack of coverage on BBC News24. They had to wrangle with BBC Presentation for about half an hour to get a 20-second trailer for the Ten O'Clock News - they got one in the end but the presentation director kept insisting it wasn't worth it!

I also was with Ben Brown in the edit suite doing the Ten's report. It made it to the gallery at 9.59:55 - so they were getting quite worried!
cat2,593 posts since 4 Jan 2003
LOL, you don't think you might be being a bit of a hypocrite there?
I do evidently have debating skills, otherwise a major international news network would not have picked me to do just that, debate!
I think cheshirec is the james whale of the forum world and i am sure he does not mean alot of what he says, although it is funny to see the hard core news 24 fans get stressed out. So we are saying now that the new look sky news will be before the election
Steve Naylor
No, from what I understand from my sources (cheshirec and newsonline2001!) - there will be some changes including some of the features of the new look which will launch after the election, but no wholescale overhaul of the service.
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They are buldozing the whole studio, so there is going to be massive changes, also apparently all other Sky channels, including Sports and One are to get facelifts at the same time.
I am interested to know what this new business channel is like though, considering they will have Bloomberg and Fox Market Wire to work with it should be a very good service.
And the relaunch is taking place after the election, so is the launch of Sky Business, which is incidentally testing at the moment, although just a blue screen, but it has a channel reserved......
They are just making special studios for the election coverage, but the actual proper relaunch of the main channel will be after the election.
Incidentally my life changed after listening to a combinaton of Scottie McClue, now sadly in Scotland after he threatened to put the station manager on air to tell the listeners why he was being sacked, and James Whale, who I listened to when he started off on TalkRADIO, incidentally, his TV show was crap.
I enjoy seeing the news24 fans get stressed, it makes me laugh.
cheshirec, do you know if Sky News or any other Sky channels will be broadcast in widescreen after the relaunch?
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Apparently they will not be in widescreen, but the camera technology they will be using is very very advanced, so that should be interesting, from what I have been told the newsroom and studios will be very technologically advanced indeed.
James Whale is the best thing on the radio (note how the likes of chris moyles are now copying). Anyway, lets all hope for a june election so we can see a new look sky news sooner!