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Sky are telling customers it does include Quest


No surprise that all Discovery channels will get pulled off Sky, but Quest won't suffer much of a ratings slump thanks to the obvious Freeview slot it's got. Same can't be said for the rest of the Discovery channels, where limited availability will drag down the overall reach.
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Really don't see any class in doing that - fine during studio action or the ads, but to do so during live sport is abusing their position as rights holder to the event IMO.

To be fair, it wasn't live, and they put tickers over live coverage with scores from other matches, or to direct people to the other channel when a match starts there.
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I suspect that services like TV Player will do well out of this. They carry most of the Discovery channels
along with Eurosport 1 & 2 for a fiver a month, and the Amazon Fire TV app works a treat.

I've wondered about the legalities of TV Player. (Although this is perhaps worthy of its own thread). Do the various broadcasters whose channels are available on TV Player, licence the rights for 3rd party streaming of their channels to the owners of TV Player, or do they legally take a dim view like a number of major broadcasters did with regards to TV Catchup a few years ago.
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