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I seem to recall it being much lower than that 1998 to 2000, something like Ch 160 ?
EPG 160 was BBC Choice/THREE's position on the Sky Guide. BBC Knowledge was placed in the Documentaries section of the Guide, but when they replaced it with BBC FOUR, the BBC moved it to EPG 161. Later both got moved to EPG 115/116.
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There are at least four iptv HD/UHD channel characteristics available for channels on the platform.

The UHD profile and three HD ones.

Sky Sports 1 and 2 have the highest quality available (and is only available to users with a higher BB speed)

The median one is used by BT Sport's Four HD services and extra HD channels and AMC HD

The lowest Bandwidth has always been offered as standard to other channels.

I suspect that Eurosport are now paying to move from the lowest quality available channel to the median quality as previously only used by BT's channels. The PQ from St. Moritz this week has been exceptional.
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Is it in HD then on BT? Considering their Olympic rights too it is time they make the Eurosport Player or equivalent streams available on all platforms which could in theory distribute it including BTTV, SkyQ and actually DTT via the connected channels.

I wouldn't read anything in to Eurosport moving up a quality notch in the BTTV multicast service, which is effectively a private multicast service that sends streams to the exchange over an internal BT-owned backbone, and then out over BT fibre IP+VDSL connections. This multicast solution is best thought of as 'IP Cable'. It's not internet streaming.

This is a VERY different tech solution to the unicast streaming service used by Smart TVs, Freeview IPTV, tablets, mobiles etc. that go over the public internet.