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rts2,747 posts since 14 Oct 2001
I have finally worked out that added channels have to be viewed elsewhere, and not on the EPG guide, but are there websites which listen frequencies, possitions etc of how to pick up additional channels?

Many thanks.
Whataday10,104 posts since 13 Sep 2001
As that problem has been solved, here's something I've been wondering.

Is there any reason why Sky don't list ALL the channels which are on the EPG, in its promotional material? Surely it would be in their interest to display all the logos of the channels which are available on the platform.
DAS3,149 posts since 10 Apr 2001
I tend to find this page (http://www.wildsat.com/astra.htm) rather useful.

Sky can't exactly print or show the logos of ALL the channels - otherwise the leaflets would be rather large and the promos rather long! They display the main ones to attract viewers - I wouldn't think someone would be swayed by the logo of, let's say, Friendly TV or Fashion TV. If someone is interested in such "mainstream" channels, they would presumeably have done the research beforehand anyway.