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Sky Digital on more than 1 telly?

(May 2002)

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Jamie P
bluetv posted:
Well, if you want to pay 23 for it you'll have to go to Melksham Satellite at, as far as I can see Sky will try to charge you 45 for it (unless "DAS" can tell you how to get it cheaper from Sky).

You will, as I have said, need an aerial from the Digibox to the room where you want this, and I dont think Sky will provide/install this unless you pay them a fair amount of money.

I can fit an aerial cable myself. It's very easy to wire up TV's in my house, as I live in a bungalow and nipping up the loft and drilling a hole in the corner of the ceiling is no problem for me Very Happy
DAS, I dont seem to have a number on the back of it, mine is made by "Global Communications", not sure if that is who makes the Sky-provided ones.

And about the one including installation costing 85, LOL, who would pay them 60 extra from what Melksham are charging to stick a little box on the end of your aerial cable? Laughing
Jamie P
Just out of curiosity, can anyone explain to me how TV Link / Magic Eye works.

Does the little TV Link receiver detect the Sky Digital remote control from anywhere in the house?

If so, why can't the original Digi boxes be made to detect the remote control signal?

(BTW - if I am right so far, then what happens in a block of flats or a semi-detached house that both have Sky? can the neighbours control each others TV's from through the walls?) Laughing
No, Jamie.

The TVLink attaches to the end of the wire that you have going from your main Digibox to the TV. It goes a bit like this:

Digibox--------------(long aerial cable to your room)-------------->TVLink Box-->Your TV

So basically you just stick a small box in between the aerial cable and the TV in your bedroom.

Like the Digibox, it works by Infrared.
When the TVLink box detects you pressing a button on your remote it sends them back down the cable to the box.

It explains it quite well at that website I mentioned before, or maybe someone else here can explain it better than me?

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