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Interesting it's being branded as Sky, with all the comments on here and other sites that it was only a matter of time before the Sky name was replaced over here with Comcast after the merger.

Was that ever really going to happen though? Comcast isn’t used (any more) as a customer facing brand even in the US - it’s Xfinity for the carriage play and NBCUniversal for the content play.

Some people here are still raw at Carlton re-branding Central and always assume the worst.
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Hmm, I wonder if ITV are regretting selling Lenton Lane back in 2004, that plot of land was massive for its time but compared to this project was only half the size. Could have probably done something with that, though I appreciate ITV had their reasons at the time for getting rid of it, seemingly as it cost a fortune and then some more to run and sat empty a lot of the time..

These developments and exclusivity deals are happening in and around London. If anyone wanted to build a studio complex anywhere else in the country, doubt it would be problematic.