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Neil Jones4,028 posts since 23 Dec 2001
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I suspect the Box Office text is hard coded into the Sky+ software and will disappear with some future firmware update. Much like when they removed all the games from Interactive and it took a while for them to notice it was still referenced on the Interactive button - it vanished after a firmware update.
Yandere Gaming86 posts since 2 Oct 2016
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The redundant SBO channels seem to be hanging around on the Sky EPG, for some reason . . . Confused

If you press the Box Office button on your Sky remote, it still gives you the options for SBO and Sky Store. Needless to say selecting SBO leads to a blank section within the EPG.

Because I still have a Sky + box from 2007, the Box Office option works for me although all options lead me to a FYI
Seriously, just do us all a favour and close Sky Two..