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It might be coming to E4. I see it in the animation section of the E4 website...

I see it on that part of the site too but no further info regardless of next episode shown on where ie Channel 4 or E4 (both), do broadcasters these days only know 2 weeks schedule? I thought broadcasters were months ahead..

I have found a website dedicated to the scheduling for the Simpsons on UK TV. Here's the link: https://www.simpsonsarchive.com/upcoming/uk.html

I don't mind you gave the link for TV times Simpsons is shown in the UK (kind of aware for sometime now) Smile but thank you anyway...

its the lack of info in regards to Duncanville -- do broadcasters not know how to schedule these days?, common sense tells me is that if they are able to highlight the next episode online then for sake of arguments sake just make it available (rest of series if need be) than sit and wait for them to decide on return? Sky seems to be the norm they run shows but most episodes are available (immediately .... correction anyone!)
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Sky One have ditched tonight’s showings of The Simpsons in favour of a Modern Family documentary, they done the same last night, where the new episode (which happened to be a part 2) was pushed to 7pm instead of 8pm. MF is probably the most shown programme on Sky One these days, surely it wouldve made more sense to show the repeat on Sky Comedy?
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If any of you will miss Treehouse of Horror V on Thursday 22nd May at 18:30, find it on +1 at :19:30 or if your crazy, it's on the very next day at 2:10 (again, 3:10 for +1) and also, Film4 have The Simpsons Movie, Monday 25th May at 19:15 - 21:00 and +1 times are 20:15 - 22:00.

Edit: The Simpsons Movie is actually on Tuesday, its not from the official Channel 4 guide.
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The cuts have become ridiculous, particuarly on E4. They cut out any little mention of sex, violence, very minor swear words etc, so episodes often jump and suddenly make no sense

I didn't think The Simpsons aired on E4.

C4 are airing an episode of Treehouse of Horror around 2am one night later in the week so guessing that's been deemed not suitable for 6pm.

Meant E4 in general, not The Simpsons. Think the movie might have aired once or twice on it but nothing else

I saw the movie on E4 Boxing Day 2019, and I think I remember the movie airing straight after a 6pm airing on Channel 4.