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cylon63,726 posts since 6 Mar 2005
Oh God no!! I would talk to him regularly on Digital Spy as he seemed to spend more time over there than here. That is such sad news as he came up with two fantastic websites with the Grange Hill site and TV Ark.

So sad!!

Thank you Simon you will be missed. Crying or Very sad
Michael4,111 posts since 5 Sep 2005 Recently warned
I have been weighing up all day since I read the news this morning where to post my reaction to this, and, with all respect to Metropol (which I love) and DS (which I grudgingly accept), thus have decided that here is best.

Because this site represents the zenith of all that is TV presentation enthusiasm. To be able to discuss freely the foibles, the niggles, the pleasures and the pains, the impressions and the depressions of all that is involved in the funny little world of idents, stings, bumpers and logos; I can think of no better place - virtual or physical.

I have always considered myself priveliged to belong to this online community of enthusiasts. I have also considered myself priveliged to be able to speak to people like Simon Luxton one-on-one; an opportunity I think sometimes is forgotten in the daily heat of forum activity.

As for his opinions, edicts, ideas and outlooks, one can have reasonable considered conflict with them but must also realise that once the fracture and fragmentation of disagreement is put aside, a single common shared interest in TV pres remains.

But behind all that is a human being. A biological machine designed to last at least three score years and ten. But it doesn't always go that way. This human being, who many, nay most of us knew only as a collection of pixels on a screen, has been lost in the most tragic of circumstances, putting everything else in a shade so dark.

For his contributions to GH Online and TV Ark, we must respect, admire and remember Simon Luxton.

As for our interactions with him and any disputations that may have arisen, they can be quietly - and conveniently - filed under the smallest of footnotes.

For his family, friends and acquaintances, I wish you peace, comfort and the pleasure that will be gained from your memories of Simon.

Finally, a word to Simon himself. You did your bit, you made your mark. I can only hope that I, and many others on this site, can make half as much an impact as you did in your short time with us on this planet.

Good night Simon.

from Michael
mulder830 posts since 24 Jun 2003
What can I say that hasn't been said? He was a good guy and this is very sad news which I can't quite believe. I hope that his TV Ark pages will be looked after well in his absence, it was his schools pages in particular that rekindled my interest in TV idents.
Elektrik Media268 posts since 4 Jan 2003
...and I also have to say (having not posted here for ages- but daily reading through)- I am very saddened and shocked to hear the news.

I too have had the situation churning around inside my head and tonight, all night at work also.

Rest in peace, Simon, and god bless... you will indeed be missed.

Whataday10,854 posts since 13 Sep 2001
I also post here very rarely these days, but still read it from time to time, and I am very shocked at this news.

Simon and I didn't really see eye to eye on so many topics, but we were around in the early days of TVF with characters such as Jamez, Ryan Pannell, Katherine, mdta, and a whole load more. Each character was different, and whilst we could all be a pain at times, it's what made the site so popular in the first place.

Of course, things move on, times change, and the 'glory days' seem a thing of the past. But then, they always do.

Simon was extremely passionate about TV presentation and Grange Hill, and fought hard against Mersey TV when it was given the series to produce, and started getting shirty about some of the content he was using. He was also very pro-programme slides and clocks, and for this passion he was often ridiculed. He was a figure of fun, not always affectionately but his presence has been much missed on this site for a while.

I believe he has a daughter, although i may be mistaken, and my thoughts go to his family.
rts2,751 posts since 14 Oct 2001
Very sad news.

TV Ark is the wikipedia of TV pres for me, and I appreciate the hours of work he put into this to serve my anorakish passion.

Thank you, Simon. Rest in peace.
Johnny832,888 posts since 4 Mar 2004
Sad news, 35 is far too young an age to die.

I was aware that he didn't always see eye to eye with quite a few on here (I don't think I ever had a run in with him) but his commitment to TV Ark & Grange Hill Online are still evident today.

May he Rest In Peace.
Steven O1,025 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Just by looking at his work on TV Ark and GH Online, you can see how knowledgeable he was.

35 is far too young to die. My sincere condolences go to all his family and friends.
altrus551 posts since 11 Sep 2005
I vaugley remember him, but it's a shame, the night before I woke up to this thread, I was reading the Westcountry page on TVArk, did'nt have a clue it was by him.

Crying or Very sad

Delta2K1 post since 7 Mar 2009 new member
Only wanted to add my condolences for this user, without him many classic TV pres moments would have been lost forever. RIP Simon. Sad

stevek21,322 posts since 28 Jul 2008
I think I may have chatted with him on here after saying that I'd recorded loads of tv themes off the TV in my teens, he send me a PM asking if I still had them as he could use them on TV Ark, sadly I lost them years ago when the cassettes wore out.

yes 35 is no age these days when you have people living way past their century Sad
Hibee144 posts since 5 May 2003
I very rarely post here these days but I used to post here alot when Simon was a regular visitor i'm very shocked and saddened to hear Simon has died I never agreed with his Mary Whitehouse views I pm'ed him a few times and even when I disagree'd with his opinion he always used to send me a nice reply back just shows how short life is!