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Looking at the Current Buns website and the Sian Williams (BBC News) page. On page 2 there are screenshots of her on a programme called 'ON show' Is this a BBC show? Help please!! Is she going behing Bill's back?
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I have seen some trailers very recently for a new series of On Show (welsh arts prg ) on BBC 1 Wales. As Sian appears briefly in the trails I assume she will be presenting the second series. Most art programmes in wales have died a quick death so it 's largely due to Sian Williams that this programme has suceeded.
mizzb603 posts since 5 May 2003

I may have been a bit vague in my earlier posting about SW and the On Show.

Sian presented the first series back in the summer which had a number of favourable comments about it in the press and on the web. It is a half an hour programme which goes out once a week, first shown on BBC2W ( welsh digital channel ) on Thursdays and then repeated on BBC1 the following Sunday. In the first series Sian worked around her schedule of presenting Breakfast to host episodes of On Show and I assume this will happen again if/when she presents the show.
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It's also being presented by the *everywhere* Aled Jones. That's the thing about Welsh people, on tv that is -- they get everywhere. Sarra Elgan, Aled Jones, Steve Jones, Rhodri Davies, the other Rhodri.. Tut, too much everywhere.

On Show is rather interesting in a thinky type way, as others have commented -- not least because of Sian Williams' charm and presenting talents.

I remember watching nearly a whole programme on Welsh bridges before realising what on earth I was doing. But she made it all seem so interesting and lovely..