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Mid-Summer 1993 on BBC One was filled with repeats of BBC sitcoms. For example in early August 1993, on Monday it was repeats of So Haunt Me and Waiting for God. On Tuesdays it was The Good Life and May to December. On Thursday it was Keeping Up Appearances and on Friday it was Dad's Army. All in prime time, so we can see the effect on the 1993 budget issues with BBC One.

Yes, but I actually quite enjoyed the output in that summer, across BBC1 and BBC2 they had alternative comedy repeats five days a week - Monday KYTV, Tuesday French and Saunders, Wednesday Canned Carrott, Thursday A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Friday Alas Smith and Jones - and I watched them all. The Smith and Jones repeats were particularly interesting, actually, as they went right back to series one in 1984 which I'd never seen before. All kinds of obscurities got an outing that summer, old Wednesday Plays and everything, so it was quite interesting. The Radio Times put Dad's Army on the cover one week in July, though, ostensibly for its 25th anniversary, and it was a bit controversial and an admission they had nothing better to feature (wasn't even any new content for the anniversary, just more repeats). Mind you, they had a Dad's Army cover again last July.

In the book Fuzzy Monsters about Birt's BBC, it suggests that inside the Beeb they were admitting they couldn't afford to run a proper schedule all year round, and that on Saturdays repeats of The House of Eliot were barely getting two million viewers, although I question whether anything could have gone that low in 1993, summer Saturdays or no. Actually while entertaining I'm not sure about the accuracy of various bits of that book.

There was always a sensitivity about repeats in the summer, they always had loads more than ITV, and I remember in 1996 Alan Yentob pledged that there'd always been at least one new drama programme every Sunday of the year, which ITV had always been able to pretty much guarantee.
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Two sports ones for you. Many people would regard the 2017/8 season as being the first time since 1997 that Channel 5 has shown a live rugby union match. But, in 1999, Channel 5 showed a Scotland v Barbarians match live from Murrayfield, on a Wednesday evening. It was weird that Channel 5 got the rights instead of the BBC, but apparently the SRU offered the rights to Channel 5.

Also, the final season of football before the Premier league, 1991/2, saw Leeds United crowned as champions. I seem to recall looking on the BBC Ceefax listings, at the regional variations one Sunday, a couple of weeks after the season finished. BBC2 Yorkshire (probably still BBC North) showed a special programme looking at Leeds United winning the title. I would suspect that this would largely be interviews with the players, still photos, and perhaps coverage of the FA Cup, as that season ITV had the top flight rights. Does anyone remember that programme, what it was called, and what it consisted of?
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Half of an episode of CITV's Wyswiyg from 1992:

So popular it lasted for five episodes. Over six months. Mondays at 4:15 apparently, October 1992 to April 1993.

I have no idea what is going on apart from the fact its a Blockbusters spoof that's interrupted by an alien broadcast. I think.
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The show, on BBC1, was called "The River", and marked the sitcom debut of the singer david Essex. He played a cockney lock-keeper, who fell for a Scottish barge owner. After six episodes, the show sank, apparently without a trace, into the river.

Yes it was quite good, although the comedy is best described as 'gentle'. The theme music is very much of its time, David Essex singing over a synth. It has had a DVD release of which I think we probably own one of the few copies as my wife was a big fan of the programme. Not sure whether that's because she's always liked boats and canals, or she has a thing for David Essex Confused
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Spotted on Greggle's Channel (because YouTube recommended for you works in mysterious ways):

Who Dares Wins ran for four series on Channel 4 from 1983 and used many of the writers that previously featured on Not The Nine O'Clock News. For some reason a "best of" was cobbled together and thrown out on ITV as a one-off.

Greggles claimed it's been "wped" (think he means wiped), but I can't find any evidence to the contrary though its plausible the production company (Holmes Associates) no longer exists and if that's the case its anybody's guess who has the rights.