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Staying on the topic of snooker, I remember a snooker series on BBC1 in the afternoons, think it was 1991 or 1992. Only one series was made. It was called "Pot Black Timeframe".

The idea was two players would compete against each other, with the players having their own clock. When a player played a shot and missed, or finished a break, they would return to their corner, and press a button, which gave out a quiet bong. This was their clock stopping, and starting their opponents. A bit like what happens in chess.

Once a frame was over, the referee would rerack the balls. As this was happening, one players clock would count down two seconds, then the others. Once a player had ran out of time, their opponent had to then go on and compile a break. Their time on the table would end either when their clock went to zero, or their break came to an end. The winner was whoever made the highest score.

Only one series was made. It differs from the snooker shootout, in that it's one frame matches, with shot clocks, and the frame lasts a maximum of 20 minutes. Pot Black Timeframe could have more than one frame.
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Dennis Taylor also presented a programme called Play Snooker on BBC2 around that time, where he would give tips and advice to beginners and amateur players. A compilation was released on VHS (and is on YouTube)