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(April 2001)

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Steve Founding member
Here in the North West, the BBC Breakfast bulletins are not from the usual studio. The usual presenter, Nigel Jay, has to click a button on his desk ( presume a console ) to get himself on screen. After any VT item he has to do this ( always heavy handed so it is obvious ).
Do other regions use a similar facility and are they all alone cos it's early????
Gavin Scott Founding member
Not in the 'Reporting Scotland' region they dont.

I expect that they dont have this type of 'outstation' remote facility at Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow, so they'll have to pay a technician to sit in the gallery!

gav Wink
Davidjb Founding member
They all use the proper studio down here in the south
Here in the East, our local breakfast news comes from the Cambridge studios other than the main Norwich studios.
Isonstine Founding member
Midlands and East Midlands Today both come from the proper studio.
Look North comes from a self opt out studio (I think) and I think you'll find South Today comes from the smaller studio used for Oxford opt outs.
NWT is famous for it's 'CLUNK'.
They couldn't possibly change it!!
Martin Founding member
cheshirec posted:
NWT is famous for it's 'CLUNK'.
They couldn't possibly change it!!

Whats that?
Isonstine Founding member
Nigel Jay and his self opt out desk. Everytime he presses a button it makes a rather loud noise.
itsrobert Founding member
Its funny - The Breakfast titles and and then - CLUNK - 'Thank you Sophie. Nigel Jay with the news in the north-west'

And then after many more clunks,

'And the'll be sunny at first, with rain showers setting in later in the day. CLUNK Tut! Never gets better does it? Ah well, back to Jeremy and Sophie...CLUNK'
NickyS Founding member
I know that most regions have done away with self-op bulletins. Leeds and Manchester are the only two I know of - and they only do it for Breakfast bulletins. Although in Scotland they are working on a box that the BJ use rather than presentation having to do them. I think presentation still mix the BBC Wales small bulletins, not sure about Northern Ireland.
itsrobert Founding member
I'm not so sure about Nigel Jay presenting NorthWest Today from a different studio than Gordon Burns and NorthWest Tonight. With it being a holiday, Nigel Jay presents the morning and lunchtime bulletins, and Martin Henfield presents the evening bulletins. Today, Nigel Jay looked as if he was in his normal studio (his Breakfast studio), but I looked on the webcam and he was in the normal studio! Come to think of it, I've seen a black console next to Gordon Burns in the studio shot on NorthWest Tonight. Could it be possible?

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