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The only real difference is they seem to have lasted longer from the ITV companies, the 'Bullseye adapted for Channel 4' skit dates from 1983

Was that Bullseye skit recorded like that? I've seen comments saying it was longer. The clip that keeps popping up on YouTube looks like it has been cut down.

It was presented that way in the original video (hence the end of part caption, which references its position in the tape).

I wonder if it was deliberate to present the Bullseye skit in the way it was, after all the voiceover said it was "adapted for Channel 4" and so as a mockumentary drive the entire thing downhill in terms of presentation and production compared to the regular programme. I suspect it worked on more than one level.

Rainbow Twangers was IIRC presented as the pilot for Rainbow, but of course what everybody would have forgotten at the time was that Geoffrey Hayes wasn't with the programme from the off, he was a replacement for whoever the original chap was.
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Neil Jones5,668 posts since 23 Dec 2001
Central (West) Midlands Today
There was a much scarier Bungle originally too.

Again I suspect 'scary' because of the more friendly looking Bungle that appeared later (even if he did wander around naked all day and wore pyjamas for bed). In hindsight the original Bungle looked like he's on something. Not sure what was more corrupting really, a bear with wide eyes and a scary complexion or a hairy bear with no clothes on. Wink
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Good to see the clips weren't censored either for the time slot, and also a nice acknowledgement of the same tapes produced by the ITV companies.

Is my hearing going or did they redo the Kenny Everett spoof continuity announcement from Good King Memorex with somebody else?
Write that down in your copybook now.
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