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The EPG was showing "Scuzz is Dead" from midnight last night until 6:00am tomorrow morning (after which it said "programmes no longer available")

I was expecting it to stop broadcasting at midnight last night, and then noticed it was still broadcasting this morning (with a "Scuzz is Dead" DOG), so was expecting it to continue until 6:00am tomorrow, so seems a bit odd for it to have stopped broadcasting at 9:01am.

Its EPG slot has now been taken by Christmas Hits (Chart Show Hits)
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kernow1,199 posts since 18 Jan 2006
Now that Scuzz has closed, this means that CSC's remaining music channels (Chart Show TV, Chart Show Hits, The Vault and Starz) are purely pop/chart music-focused channels, following the previous closures of channels including NME, Bliss, Flava and the rebranding of Chart Show Dance to Chart Show Hits).

Chart/mainstream pop channels obviously get higher ratings than niche channels like Scuzz, and there's a similar situation with the Box Plus channels, where Kerrang (a similar channel to Scuzz) is the only real niche channel.
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