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Will Scrambled continue if aled jones has his own weekend show from 8.30am-9.30am?
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Has Scrambled been axed? I watched the end of it 2 weeks ago (Sunday) and it looked liked they were doing a farewell montage. If it has, a waste of money really.

The Scrambled section on the CITV website doesn't look too hopeful
"Thanks for getting involved in Scrambled! - we hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have have.

You can still check out all of the stuff you've been sending in by clicking on the links below.

And remember, scramble don't dangle!"

Sounds very past-tense, doesn't it.
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No surprise - we know Weekend has the slot for the best part of six months then Fort Boyard is commissioned to return in the autumn, so that'll take the 8.30am Saturday slot - though I really do think ITV should hold it over until 9.25am.
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