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The press around the show has hyped it up to be something it isn't - it clearly isn't intended as a successor to SM:tv and the many much loved Saturday morning shows of the past. It's doing what Toonatic, Disney Club and many more pretty much forgotten breakfast weekend shows used to do.
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To be fair, some of the previews mentioned it being live and having celebrity guests when the press office never mentioned any of that. It's quite easy to fill in the gaps when you think it's a famous format, but it's not quite that...

In any case, it's a huge boost for CITV which hasn't had any kind of format like this for nearly four years, or much longer if you look back to the likes of MoM and in-vision continuity.
On Sky, Scrambled is only listed once at 07:30 in a 5 minute slot, there is no Scrambled listed between the programmes at all. This is on both ITV[1] and CITV. It has been this way since about the third week I think.
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Sorry if I've missed this, but is it being filmed at a flat in Brighton or a proper studio?
The pics look like a studio to me.

Although I haven't seen any episodes of this show myself yet, I would assume that if it's in a flat, they'll have done some sort of studio conversion with it, similar to the way the former Lock Keepers Cottages at Old Ford Lock in East London was converted for use as The Big Breakfast House back in the early 90's.
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I think this is dead in the water now, if the 08.30 slot is going to Good morning.... unless this is moved to 09.25 ?

Not a hope in hell, the ratings have been beyond dire, last time I checked they were just over 65k with a 1.8% share. That's not a misprint!

I think this is dead in the water now, if the 08.30 slot is going to Good morning....

The slot is not going to them, Weekend is a new show produced by Cactus tv who also make Saturday kitchen.
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I think the best thing for scrambled would be to keep it running through the mornings on the CITV Channel to pick up on kids waking up later.

It's not great though currently.
When I first heard that the foundation were producing I was hoping for something like Saturday showdown, toonattik, or even CBBC office links, but there's something not right with the way it is filmed and edited.