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I have been looking back at the branding at Sci-fi and it seems it can never make up its up., if it want to follow the USA or go it alone,

1998 it was given a new look Hobbins, the next one wasn't until April 2004 when it nicked the US presentation, which was created by Laimbe-Nairn which won silver D&AD

Early 2007 going by the link below. Dixonbaxi got it hands on: https://web.archive.org/web/20111104213204/https://dixonbaxi.com/31

Early next year dixonbaxi will release the results of a six-month project for the Sci Fi Channel: a series of 48 images aimed at inspiring the channel’s creative teams. The images will also act as a collection of brand statements that can be sent out to partners and other broadcast companies in the industry

You can see some of the pres here: https://theident.gallery/scifi-2006.php

Oddest thing is was it was supposed to change its name in Q3 of 2009: https://tvforum.uk/tvhome/sci-fi-channel-brand-29305/ and 4craetive won contract yet it all seems that was thrown in the bin and everything else was delayed.


4Creative nets Sci Fi Channel's rebrand
LONDON - The Sci Fi Channel has appointed 4Creative to handle its rebranding campaign after a pitch against three undisclosed agencies.

Sci Fi Channel…appointed 4Creative
Sci Fi Channel…appointed 4Creative
4Creative will act as the creative agency and production company on the integrated campaign, which will break early next month.

The agency will work in partnership with Proud Creative, which is handling the on- and off-air graphic identity work, to develop and deliver the campaign.

Its owner, NBC Universal, is rebranding Sci Fi Channel to Syfy next month with the new strapline: "Imagine greater."

The brand name remains phonetically the same, but the new spelling will give NBC an ownable trademark that it hopes will gain greater recognition among consumers across digital and new international channels.

Michael Engleman, the creative head of the Sci Fi Channel, said: "It was clear from the start that 4Creative had the rare benefit of being able to do a lot of things under one roof: smart creative solutions, strategic thinking and high standards."

Have I mist a look in this mix? The channel doesn't seem to have great fortune over the past 15 years
Is the next post dreaded?