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I was talking to a friend about being scared of certain things on television as a child. Sometimes things that are meant to be perfectly innocent yet still have you hiding behind the sofa.

As a very young child I remember being terrified of this:

Understandable I think - it has all the charm of those infamous Protect & Survive Public Information Films from the 1970s.

Are there any opening sequences that sent a shiver down your spine as a child?
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Nah I never had this thing about being scared by idents or logos. And I had many tapes with that 90s BBC logo on it.

True to form though, the logos on tapes would interest me just as much if not more than the actual programme on the tape itself. I have at least one tape where I wore out the bit where the logo animated on.

I stop by this thread just to mention that this is the best BBC Video logo though.

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For me there were a couple which seemed scary when it was paired with hard hitting content:

World in action


I didn't have a aversion to all hard hitting current affairs....one I used to love the theme to was Thames TV's this week:
Thats The Weather For Now *Nod* *Point Hand*

"Good Evening and here is an illustrated summary of the news it will be followed by the latest film of events and happenings home and abroad"
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I don't have any schedules to prove it, but pretty sure that sometime around the mid 1990s, after 'The Crystal Maze' finished on Channel 4, THIS horrifying thing would follow.

I'd usually be in bed soon after which would make it even more nightmarish.
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