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with TV Forum Yorkshire favourites Greg Scott and Peter Levy but no Billy Akso (October 2019)

Jon Central (West) Midlands Today
Peter Levy mentioned and potentially appearing later in the episode and Greg Scott has appeared as a TV presenter.

I can only assume that Billy Asko will be appearing later in the episode to complete the set of TV forums favourites from that part of the world.*

I've actually enjoyed this Derren Litten penned series, much more subtle than Benidorm.

* Filey mentioned so this is becoming increasingly likely.
Last edited by Jon on 12 October 2019 12:52am
Spencer For Hire and Josh gave kudos
Spencer Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I wasn’t sure at first, but the series has really grown on me. It’s just a shame though that for a series set on the Yorkshire coast, almost everyone in it has a North West accent. They’d have been better setting it in Morecambe.

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