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We’d heard earlier last week that they’d recorded links in the studio, so do you think, now everyone on TV is broadcasting from home, that they’ve decided to scrap those links, and do it ‘as live’ from home instead so it looks much better?
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I'd be amazed if it was live, it would be a very risky thing to do for such a high profile programme. I suppose it might be more obvious when/if they do the quiz at the end*

The bigger question for me is how they are doing it from their houses, I'd assume there's at least one member of crew there to help set it up and help with the direction

*EDIT I'm watching it in delay and didn't realise it was only an hour long
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And closing credits in FS Matthew and not ITV Reem. But the copyright text was in ITV Reem. How did they manage to mess that up?

Considering the circumstances and that we can easily imagine these credits were made in someone’s home office, it really isn’t a big deal that they used a slightly different font.

It’s almost like you’ve just discovered there is a similar font to ITV Reem, and you’re just pointing this out because you can.