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Saturday Night Takeaway 2018

(February 2018)

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Right state but it was in Disney World last year. Not pushing the boat out if they have to go to Florida again...

I would be very impressed if they held the series finale in Times Square, New York. Very Happy

Except there isn't a company to plug for the whole series - this pays for the big finale.

Time Square would be a logistical nightmare as well, it's sensible to do a finale like that in a controlled environment like a theme park or a cruise.

I wonder if they might go to Los Angeles rather than Florida since Universal Studios has a theme park there
Larry the Loafer
What's Next is a feature I really miss, considering how much the show feels very tightly rehearsed nowadays. They both truly shine when they're let loose and have to wing it.
RDJ posted:
There's a horrible filmic effect on the repeat right now on ITV. I missed it last night, was this how it was broadcast?!

It wasn't like that last night. Did it last throughout?
all new Phil
RDJ posted:
Interesting that it's the 100th episode next week. It's quite telling that it's taken 16 years to achieve of relatively consistent ratings with a hiatus in the middle this Noel Edmonds achieved this in 5 years and then went immediately downhill.

Would be nice to see old popular segments get reprieved for the special episode such as What's Next?, Grab the Ads, Jiggy Bank etc. (maybe leave out Jim Didn't Fix It) especially considering it's the last series from TLS as well. Or maybe include one segment that they haven't already nicked from Noel's House Party and have a gunge vote between Ant and Dec.

Ant and Dec won’t do gunge.
If SNT was to have a finale or a one-off special in NYC, they could use the Ed Sullivan Theater since the current Late Show (Colbert) set with its giant video display backdrops could easily be adapted in a far better way than the old Late Show (Letterman) set was when NHP was there in 1997. Not a theme park resort or cruise ship maybe, but Broadway and/or Times Square could be used for the End Of The Show Show in much the same way they used Disney World last year.
That must be the first time in a long while that a contestant didn't take the gamble.

When did they change having guests shout "gamble!!" to "play!!"? Was it around the same time as the phone-in scandal? Confused
That must be the first time in a long while that a contestant didn't take the gamble.

When did they change having guests shout "gamble!!" to "play!!"? Was it around the same time as the phone-in scandal? Confused

It was around 2012, when there was a short investigation into whether shows like Red or Black and Deal or No Deal constituted gambling which was not permitted to be broadcast, and "gamble" consequently became a word to avoid on gameshows. Here's a Guardian story from the time.
They've adapted the best seats in the house to be the best rows in the house. I don't know how the feature will run over the series as surely they'll have to pick locations close enough to the studios to get people to them.

Does anyone remember the early feature when they set it up that were surprised that people.... went out on a Saturday night! So they'd surprise people and at one person's house would be a prize, but they didn't specify who was the winner. The surprise in the cinema is the one that I remember the most. I doubt they could do that these days, but could do it similarly giving them all a clue on the location of a prize, first to get there wins.
Think it was called Home Run - though they did kind of the reverse of that with the Sofa Searching in recent years.
Andrew Founding member
It may just go back to Sofa Watch next week.

If you recall last year they sent Scarlett out on the road in the first episode "Does anyone recognise this lamp post?" and got some people on a bike to ride to the studio, but from episode 2 just did the sofas
A former member
Sofa watch I think its awful awful idea and is just a big let down. Its need killing off.
A former member
I dare say something will be mentioned since STV are now highlighting its the 100th episode.

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