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They managed it in the early days of SNT. Everything felt far more natural and fun. Whereas tonight, the second Ant said he had big news, I knew it was a set up for a joke or lead in to something.

I think that's looking back at the early series with rose-tinted glasses a bit, of course it was going to be a set-up for a joke. You can't expect subtlety on this series. There were loads of bits on the early series that were contrived and stagey too, probably more so than now.

Both of those games are ones I played versions of as a child. There are far more original game ideas on YouTube.

And the other thing as well is that, regardless if they're on YouTube (and as you say, Make Em Laugh especially is hardly a concept), on YouTube Ant and Dec aren't playing them. We're watching this for Ant and Dec, not the format.

Anyway, last night we had Kevin Whateley dressed as Geoff from Byker Grove and not being introduced and named, and last week they were able to chuck away a reunion with a soldier returning from Afghanistan in thirty seconds. It's a remarkable series. I would also suggest it is the best thing on TV right now.
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I don't think it's so much about what's M&W and what's not. It's more them trying to emulate a music hall comedy double act, when they are not. I don't think it's why people find them endearing, and it feels rather forced.
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Cat Deeley revealed as Mask Face, I don't think many expected that. It wasn't Cowell, or Walliams or any of the predictable suggestions.

I wonder what all the Americans will think if they are in the Magic Kingdom today, and wonder what is going on.

They will recognise Cat though, although how famous is Cat in the U.S compared to her equivalent here?
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Slightly stretched credits overlayed on the show at the end, suppose it's better than last year, with an expensive fireworks display taking place over the regular black credit background
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