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sandera4 posts since 4 Oct 2006 new member
Very Happy Hello everyone,
I saw Sarah Heaney shooting ?documentary? yesterday...has anyone any info on this.I know she did Crime report type documentaries before..was just wondering if a new series is up and coming.
sandera4 posts since 4 Oct 2006 new member
ColonelRed posted:
where was she shooting the documentary?

At the Swallow Hotel/Paisley Rd West and on the bridge at Asda Govan shooting at the motorway M8 below looking west. There was a police officer in attendance along with patrol car.
JamesWorldNews8,506 posts since 22 Aug 2004
I must admit, it really IS highly unusual for a TV Presenter/Journalist* to be out filming a report or a documentary.

Have you reported this to the police?

*delete as applicable.

(all said in jest chaps - don't start whinging......)